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Privacy Policy for KB Accounting Services LLC

KB Accounting Services LLC, is committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy applies to activities related to your visit to the  website (referred to herein as the “Site”) and describes our online and offline collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. If you are or become a client of KB Accounting Services LLC, activities related to our performance of services for you are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable agreement for services.


The personal information you submit to us will only be retained for as long as is required for the purposes for which it was collected and for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or reporting requirements. 



Required by law: It is possible that personal information that you provide to KB Accounting Services LLC or that we collect during your visit to the Site may be subject to disclosure under applicable law (e.g. pursuant to a statutory provision, a court order or a subpoena).


KB Accounting Services LLC will generally not collect, process or transfer sensitive personal information through the Site, unless you expressly consent with such collection, processing or transfer. By providing us with unsolicited sensitive personal information, you explicitly consent to such information being collected, processed and transferred by KB Accounting Services LLC.


KB Accounting Services LLC uses organizational, administrative and technical measures designed to protect your privacy and avoid unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal information. However, you should note that no transfer of information over the Internet is completely secure. While we use commercially-reasonable efforts to protect your personal information on our systems, when the information is transferred over the Internet, it may be accessed and used by unauthorized third parties. KB Accounting Services LLC has no control over the performance, reliability, availability or security of the Internet and does not warrant that any information transfer via the Internet or any communication through the Internet is secure. KB Accounting Services LLC shall not be liable for any disclosure, unauthorized use, loss, damage, expense, harm or inconvenience resulting from the loss, delay, interception, corruption, intervention, misuse or alteration of information due to any reason beyond KB Accounting Services LLC’s reasonable control.



KB Accounting Services LLC is committed to protecting your privacy and will help ensure that you are able to exercise your rights in relation to your personal information. Depending on your place of residence and the laws governing our collection and use of your personal information, you may have the right to request: (i) additional information about your personal information that we collect, (ii) correction, update, access and deletion of your personal information, and (iii) a copy of your personal information.


KB Accounting Services LLC will respond to your request as required by applicable law. KB Accounting Services LLC will not discriminate against you for having exercised your rights with respect to your personal information.



You acknowledge and consent to your personal information being collected, processed, stored, analyzed and disclosed as set forth in this Privacy Policy. If you have any requests, questions or complaints regarding the privacy of your personal information or to exercise your rights under the applicable laws governing your personal information, you may contact KB Accounting Services LLC using the following methods:

- By email to:

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